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Many men want to have the bigger, stronger arms, while women in their workout usually aim for tone and definition. There are so many training techniques and routines out there to aim to maximize the size of the arms but unfortunately not all of them work. The one described here has been confirmed and proven to work by many satisfied trainees.

The first thing every man who wants bigger arms needs to understand is that, if he is already training, he needs to stop for two weeks. This sounds like it does not make any sense but the fact is that the body needs to recover from the over-training it may have been exposed to. This does not apply to the men who are only just starting to work out.


Seated biceps curl is done by sitting on the bench with a barbell in the lap. The barbell is then curled to the chin with an underarm grip at the width of the shoulder. The weight should be so heavy that it can only be lifted eight times. After one set of eight repetitions and a break of 30 seconds, the weight should be increased by 10 percent and curled for as many times as possible. The goal is to try and lift 150% of the normal curl weight.


In this method, the close grip bench presses are done with the motion range limited to one third. This will allow lifting much more weight than with full range motion, and for growing new muscles this is a much better way. For best results, this exercise should be done in a power rack or a smith machine. Just like in biceps curls, in this exercise the weight should be heavy enough to allow only eight repetitions a time with the increase of 10 percent after the 30 second break.


Some men neglect their forearms and concentrate on biceps and triceps only. Seated wrist curls and wrist curls behind the back provide an intense overload that leads to the growth of big and strong new muscles. In both exercises the weight should allow only eight repetitions and it should be increased by 10 percent after the break.

Seated wrist curls are done in the same position as the biceps curls, only now the wrist rests on the knee and the barbell is held with underhand grip. The weight of the barbell will pull it downwards and the muscles of the forearm are used to lift it back up.

Wrist curls behind the back are similar, only they are done in a standing position with the barbell held in hand with the palm facing backwards. The barbell will pull down and the forearm muscles will lift it back up by the curling of the wrist.

This routine should be repeated three times over the course of twelve days. Working on other muscle groups and body parts is allowed in this period, but it is advised not to do any other arm exercises because they may interfere with the results.

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