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The biceps are the major muscles in the arms that work as flexor muscles for the elbow joint. What they do is help to lift the forearm and move the upper part of the arm.

They connect the elbow and shoulder joints and allow movement of the shoulder joint as well.

Biceps are responsible for movement in the elbow joint and the supination factor of the muscle is also very important. The muscle also rotates the palm, therefore incorporating movement that involve the palm is essential when exercising to increase the muscle mass of the biceps.


Most body builders have different opinions on the best biceps exercise, but most will agree that it is vital to keep the form good at all times, and that it is more important to do the exercises correctly than to lift a lot of weight.

When people do not perform the exercises correctly, they are more susceptible to injuries, especially lower back problems, tennis elbow, tendonitis and other injuries that could result from strains caused by lifting too much weight or doing the exercises incorrectly.

It is important to stand perfectly erect when doing bicep exercises, and to not lean back and throw the weight up, because that does not isolate the bicep muscle, which is important.

The elbows should be kept close to the side of the body while doing the lifts.

Elbows should not be lifted either, because there is a loss in resistance when this occurs and full extension of the muscle is lost too, so the bottom part of the bicep will not get the workout it needs.

Wrist position is also very important to focus on in order to keep the focus on the proper muscle group. If the wrist bends backwards, emphasis will be taken off the biceps and transferred to the muscles in the forearm.

Bicep training is good because there are many different ways to train them. A person can use bars, dumbbells, curl bars, cables, machines or Scott benches. The more diverse the program is, the better the flexibility of the muscles will be and the more likely it will be for a person to achieve maximum results when training these muscles.

Even though genetics are very important in building muscle mass, there is no substitute for hard work, doing exercises properly, selecting the right program for each individual and performing them with good technique.

These things will ultimately decide the amount of progress and success one will have in training the muscles.

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