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Becoming a bodybuilder is about wanting to change your lifecompletely. It is not about diets and exercises; it is about strong innerdesire to make something out of your life, something that if no one else, you willbe very proud of. And of course, there are rigorous diets, hard exercises,strict life regime, especially when it comes to alcohol, cigarettes, nightlife, etc.

Types of exercises

Usually, first time gym practitioners want to learn aboutthe best bicep workouts, which is understandable but quite unnecessary, becausebiceps is one muscle, big and easily noticeable one, that is true, but stilljust one. What about hundreds of others? Without those others well bulked up, enormousbiceps would look ridiculous. Recommendable thing to do is to consult with someonewho has more experience or with gym instructor. Many gyms have already premadetraining schedules and instructors just tweak it a little, adjusting it to anewcomer. Of course, nobody can stop you from building desired muscle groups,but the best thing to do would be to focus on one muscle group each sessions,which can bring the best results and it also creates enough time for muscles torest between the sessions.


As for the mentioned biceps, there are several theories aboutwhat would be the best biceps workout. Many will say that combination of threetypes gets an optimal result. Those are close grin chin-up, with 3 sets that include maximum 10 repetitions. This is an interesting exercise because itbuilds up muscle mass in a different way that standard forms. The arm is notmoving here, but the entire body is and that induces a great bulking effect. Second exercise would be barbell curl, classic bicepsexercise, with the same number of repetitions and sets. The problem with thisexercise is that many people are not stable while performing it, they leanforward and backwards, allowing the hands to leave the optimal position, andthis reduces the bulking effects. The last one includes only two sets with 10 reps and is calledcable bicep curls. It is excellent for maintaining a constant tension in amuscle, which is great for growth of muscle fibers.

These three are main techniques, but there are many othersthat utilize biceps as a muscle and can be included in biceps trainingsessions. Of course, if the ultimate result is wanted, it cannot be donewithout the help of supplements. It might be a bit expensive, but it has to bedone in order for muscles to grow.

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