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Strong Biceps – Handsomeness

You know what many people do once theyare asked how strong they are? Of course, they show their bicepsmuscles, make them stiff, and, thereby, demonstrate their strengthand physical fitness. Moreover, many people will agree that thesemuscles are the most important for one's strong physical appeal.Therefore, people desire to get their biceps muscles pumped andprominent as soon as possible, opting for numerous different workoutswhich help them achieve their goals. One of the very best exercisesfor this group of muscles are the hammer curls. Hammer curls arequite demanding, but they offer the best results by far. Thus, if youwant strong biceps muscles and are interested in the best way to getthem, read on.

What Are Hammer Curls and How Are ThesePerformed?

This exercise is very similar to thetraditional curls performed while standing up. Hammer curls alsoinclude using dumbbells. However, this exercise emphasizes the use ofyour biceps muscles, while making it less possible to use other bodyparts for help, forcing only your arm muscles instead.

In order to perform hammer curls, youwill need to stand straight, grab two dumbbells of the same weightand hold them with your hands on the side of your body, facing it.Then, while holding the dumbbells tight, raise your arms straight infront of your, making your forearms parallel to the floor. Once inthis position, squeeze your biceps as much as you can, hold it forseveral seconds and then return to the initial position. You might dothis one arm at a time, or with both. Also, you can modify theweight, making it suite your needs best.

Alternatively, you might try performingincline hammer curls. These are performed while sitting, and thelower your angle of the backrest is, the harder the exercise will be.Sit down, recline in the seat, grab two dumbbells and, while keepingyour biceps tense in the initial position, move the weights up asmuch as you can. Once you reach your limit, hold it for severalseconds, before lowering the wights into the initial position. Repeatthis process through 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Hammer curls can be combined with thestandard bicep curls. The former make both your forearm muscles andyour biceps strong and flexible, while the latter concentrates solelyon the biceps. Regardless, you can only benefit by doing both, makingyour entire arms look extremely strong and fit, especially yourbiceps muscles.

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