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Fake nails

All women want to have perfectnails that are the long, beautiful and sensual. However, most of them cannot havenails like that, even if they invest a lot of effort and money in manicuring. However,there is a solution, and it lies in fake nails. There are all kinds of fakenails and if you decide to have them, you have the option to choose how youwant your nails to look like. You can go to a salon and just say what kind ofnails you want, and in short time, the experts will do their job.

The importance of maintaininghealthy nails

There are a lot of microorganismswhich can attack our nails and cause inflammations, which is why thehealth of our nails is very important and why it is crucial to maintainhygiene of our hands and to cut the nails on regular basis. If you have fakenails, the risk of the infection will be increased, so, when you notice thatyour artificial nail is falling off, use the alcohol to decrease that risk, andthen apply your nail again on the same place. If your nails were done by someoneelse, you can go to that professional and file a complaint. At some point,you might want to get rid of those fake nails, which is certainly not an easything to do. Here we will mention few efficient ways for doing that.

Tips for artificial nailsremoval

You can put your nails indissolver, but when you notice that they are starting to go off, you have topull them out of the liquid so that your natural nails could stay healthy. Donot try to remove them violently.

How to apply fake nails?

You can put on fake nails all byyourself, and you can purchase them in almost every store for a low price. Theycome in colors or unpainted, so that you can color them whichever way you want.You will also have to buy glue for nails. Be careful with the glue, small amounton each nail will be enough, because you wouldn’t like to see glue on the skinafter applying fake nails. When you wish to remove your nails, soak them indissolver and they will just go off. It is helpful to mix the acetone with afew marble stones or something similar to make this process easier.

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