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Just like skin, hair and nails need to be healthy in order to be pretty. Maybe at some point the fashion dictated bleached, fried hair but in the long run there is nothing more unattractive, especially after a few months of heavy treatment when it starts to break and fall off. Similarly, nails that are covered with nail polish all the time suffocate and suffer and eventually start breaking.

Some people have naturally beautiful hair and nice nails while others have to work hard to achieve it. Fortunately, there are many things they can do to make their hair and nails healthier, shinier and more attractive.


Shampooing is the basis of hair grooming. Choosing the right shampoo can be difficult, but the important thing is to pick one that has a pH balance of 7. Shampooing should be done gently and shampoo should always be mixed with some water to dilute it. Water used for rinsing (which must be thoroughly done) should be warm, not hot, otherwise the hair will dry up.

Drying the hair naturally, or air-drying, is the best way to do it. If using a blow dryer, it is recommended to set it on low.

After washing the hair it should be combed with a wide comb with round tips, without pulling the tangled hair. If there are tangled strands of hair, they should be untangled gently with fingertips.

Conditioning the hair is vital for its appearance, especially today when it is exposed to environmental pollutants and needs more air. Hot oils are an excellent way to do it.

Hair dyes, sprays and bleaches are very harmful for the hair. If a person wishes to change her or his hair color, it is always best to use henna or black walnut.


Nice looking nails tell a lot about a person, especially about their hygiene. Some like them short and some long, even very long, but the key is to clean them regularly. There is nothing more unattractive that dirty fingernails.

Basic nail care is quite simple and can be even done at home, without having to go to manicurist. It starts with a nail brush. It is used to keep the nails clean and to remove even the tiniest particles of dirt and debris.

Moisturizing hands and nails is important to prevent drying and cracking of the skin and nails and to prevent and remove cuticles. There are special products designed especially for cuticles that soften them and make them easy to remove.

Even women who love long nails need to trim them every once in a while, just like hair ends must be cut when they start splitting. For longer nails it is recommended to use a file.

If using nail polish, it is recommended to remove it with oil-based remover and to moisturize the nails afterward, because chemicals present in both nail polish and in the remover are very aggressive and can damage the nails.

As for the toenails, they need to be clean and dry at all times, otherwise, they may become prone to fungus infections.

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