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Facts about Nails

Our finger and toenails are constantlygrowing parts of our body. Namely, as long as you do not suffer fromsome kind of a disease which affects the nail growing, these bodyparts will grow as long as we live. However, some of us may find thishardly to be noticed due to our terrible habits regarding thedestruction of our nails. Many people have a nasty habit of bitingtheir nails, peeling them off, pulling them out, or doing some other,completely unnecessary and very counterproductive things which dolittle for our health, but plenty against it. There are othernail-related problems people experience. If you want to get informedon the most common of these, read on and learn how to help yourselfonce you experience similar complications.

Nail Problems and Questions

Those people who are dissatisfied withthe direction their nails are growing in, often believe that, byplacing artificial nails over the real ones, they can direct theminto a more satisfying growing direction. Unfortunately, this is notpossible, since your nails have their own, “inborn” growingpattern and you they are going to grow the same way no matter what.

Also, many people are concerned aboutdifferent type of ridges appearing on the surface of their nails.These are completely normal and, if one has had them since he/she wasborn there is no reason for worrying. Furthermore, if you havenoticed your nails are forming ridges lately, this might be due tothe fact you are getting older or are under a lot of stress lately.Either way, you might buff the surface of your nails in order toremove the ridges. However, you need to be gentle and apply anadequate protection afterwards.

Those of you who have worries andquestions related to cuticles or dry skin on the nail area of yourfingers, need not touch, let alone cut these. Rather, you are advisedto moisturize both your body and skin regularly and applymoisturizing cream onto the troublesome spots, both for removal andprevention of this problem. Alternatively, you might use cuticle oilfor these purposes. It is best not to cut or modify these parts ofyour finger in any way, since you might only make things worse. Ifyou experience problems and need to take care of your cuticles andother finger problems, visit a professional.

You damage your fingernails, by all thefactors mentioned above, including physical damage by direct blows.Usually, they recover during one year after the damage. If this doesnot happen, the damage is permanent and no recovery will ever takeplace. Other nail problems involve psoriasis and paronychia, thelatter being a nail-deforming inflammation. Additionally, any naildeformations like indentations, curves, discolorations, or otherproblems may all be indicators of different illnesses. Thus, wheneveryou notice these problems, seek medical assistance as soon aspossible.

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