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We will talk about splitting nails in the following lines.We will see what causes this problem and how it can be eliminated. If nail careis overdone or overlooked, there are several problems associated with nailsthat can occur and we will discuss about one of them. Splitting nails can becaused by aging, nail enhancing measures, and inappropriate nail use among othercauses.


Splitting nails can be created due to several factors. This problem usuallyaffects people who have their hands and nails in water for a longer period oftime. If they have soft nails as well, they have high chances of having brittlenails and splitting nails. Also, nails can become brittle and dry due to prolongedexposure to the detergents and chemicals, and this will cause splitting nails.Another possible cause of this problem is the use of nail polish remover and nailpolish. Some other causes include lack of calcium, low-fat diet, vitamin Edeficiency and environment. Winter can aid the creation of the problem in question.Splitting nails can easily be created when we enter warm indoors from coldoutdoors. This makes the nails dry and brittle, and causes the splitting.Persons with psoriasis can develop some side effects due to splitting nails.


Be very careful when treating nails and know that it may require some time forthe treatment to give results. Also, while doing chores, be careful not todamage the brittle and dry nails. Use gloves if you are using chemicals orworking with water. Skin will be grateful for this as well. Try not to work inhot water but in lukewarm instead, since hot water will eliminate the moisture. Useacetone free nail polish and lanolin, aloe or jojoba nail moisturizers. Everyday you should soak nails in warm water and this will keep them well hydrated.You should use moisturizers after this treatment. Also, never do nail caretreatment when nails are wet, since they are more prone to splitting in thissituation. Try to have short nails shaped as a curve.When cuticles are pushed back, do not use metal instruments and remember not touse nails polish and similar products until you have strong nails. Keepingnails protected is needed, and you can do this by using nylon fibers. See a professionalabout this problem and include gelatin, minerals and vitamins in yournutrition. Also, avoid using your nails for jar opening and similar chores, since this causes them to be weaker. Apply clear nail polish if you have softnails. Take care of your nails and the problem will disappear.

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