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Healthy Nails

Nails condition is the reflection of general health. Today, beautiful and neat nails can be seen only in women who are idle or in the advertisements. However, regardless of the fact that your hands are often in the water and detergents due to always present laundry and dishes to wash, your nails must be properly maintained. Thus, you shouldn't take care about the nails just when you go for manicure. It is necessary to pay attention to the overall care that includes proper nutrition, adequate protection against external influences and other damage that may arise due to numerous factors - exposure to a strong cleaning agents, hands in the water for a long time and so on. Brittle and fragile nails can also be a result of frequent use of acetone or the means for easy nail polish removal. Also, excessive nail filing and nail biting can damage both nails and skin around them.

Nail Care

Having healthy and beautiful nails include consuming sufficient quality proteins and lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is especially important to drink plenty of fluid. Not having enough protein, folic acid and vitamin C causes the appearance of cuticles, white spots on nails, and a lack of vitamin A and calcium causes their dryness and brittleness. The next step is to protect the hand in daily housework. It is necessary to protect nails by wearing rubber gloves every time you are holding hands for a long time under the water and when using strong detergents. You should buy washing detergents which are labeled as hand protective. Nail and cuticle biting should be avoided, because it can damage the tissue around the nail. Even, a small injury in the vicinity of the nail allows bacteria to settle on the nails, causing infection. Paraffin cream should be applied at least once every seven days, by rubbing it in the area around the nail. This ensures nails hydrating. Then, put on the cotton gloves in which you can sleep. Avoid prolonged and frequent use of strong soaps because they dry the skin and nails, making them fragile and brittle, or choose soaps that have the neutral pH-value. After washing, hands need a good wipe, because the water keeping dries the skin. Cuticles should be pushed back rather than cut. Special products which soften the cuticles may be used for this purpose, allowing their easier pushing back. Nail polish is recommended. In addition to aesthetic and protective functions, today, there are products and coatings that feed and strengthen nails. If you do not like nail color, use the so-called colorless nail polish which provides a glow to the nails.

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