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Natural look of the nails can be achieved with the use ofcuticle oil, which will be the topic of this article. It is applied on the nailsfor the mentioned effect. Cuticle is the name used for the skin located at thenail base, and it can be described as tough and thick layer that supports thenail and gives the nail stability. Nail health depends on the health of thecuticle in many ways, since the nail can become irritated and this will impairthe nail appearance. Hang nails can also be formed if care of the cuticle areais not conducted. This problem is associated with the detached skin strip, whichis attached at the cuticle and hangs from here.


Cuticle oil will surely keep the cuticle oil cleaned and cared for. Cuticleproblem can be eliminated with this oil and it is renown as best in thisbusiness. It will make the nails smooth and soft and also prevent theirdryness. Also, problems such as swollen cuticles and dry cuticles can be curedvery effectively and quickly with the cuticle oil. Moist is needed in thecuticle area. This is a verypopular remedy and product in nail care, which is used for nail healthimprovement. Those who want to have a healthy and appealing nails need to usethis oil daily. Due to the retention of moist, your nails will be strong andhealthy in the following years. This is a deep moisturizer, so you can put it on feet and hands, and not only onthe nails. It will make your hands glowing and soft.

Ingredients and Use

Now we will see why this oil is so beneficial on our nails. Naturally,ingredients in the cuticle oil are responsible for the beneficial effect. Thereare no artificial ingredients in this natural oil. The ingredients are avocadooil, almond oil and vitamin E. The application of the oil on the nails needs tobe done after the bath or washing of the hands. One or two drops need to beplaced on each finger and then massage the area on which the cuticle oil hasbeen placed. This will help with the absorption of the oil and once thishappens, massaging needs to stop. Do this for every finger and wait one hourbefore you rinse your hand. We recommend to use the cuticle oil before you goto sleep, since this will make the oil absorbed by the body in full extent.

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