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Nails can carry countless pieces of information about a person. Basically, by looking at one's nails you can tell whether he/she is a laborer or a well-off man/woman. Also, you can read the fashion statements of this person, based on the colors of the nail polish or the overall health and state of the nails. However, many other facts are hidden behind these parts of our body. These facts have everything to do with health.

The Secrets behind our Nails : Colors

Basically, nails protect the nerves which are hidden beneath them. The same goes for both toenails and fingernails. All these nails are made of a strong protein called keratin. Ideally, when our nutrition is balanced and we get all the vital nutrients we need through proper diet, our nails are pinkish and our nail bed is peach-colored. Therefore, any discoloration will signify a health issue.

Namely, if your fingers face discoloration, diabetes, stress, allergies or some other illnesses may be behind this state of affairs. On the other hand, green discoloration commonly signifies an infection, affecting the nail bed or the inside of your body.

While blue-colored nails may stem from a pulmonary problem such as asthma or emphysema, if manifesting through a simple thin line in the nail, it can be a sign of a skin cancer.

If the color present on the nails is black and manifests in short streaks, it can stand for an underlying heart problem. Alternatively, reddish-brown dots may be a way through which your body tells you that you lack vitamin C, folic acid or proteins.

If your liver or lungs are facing health problems or if you are suffering from diabetes, nails may become yellow. Additionally, white lines appearing in or across the nails may point to fever, liver or kidney disorders, problems with the heart or iron and zinc deficiency.

The Secrets behind our Nails : Shape and Texture

The shapes of our nails can also bear witness to underlying health problems. Therefore, if your nails tend to curl under the tips, lung or heart problems may be the case. Raising of the nails may also be a sign of a respiratory problem. Hormonal problems may appear through square nails while thin nails may represent lack of vitamin B12.

As for texture of your fingernails, if you notice ridges appearing on the surface, being vertical, you are likely to suffer from iron deficiency or other problems with the absorption of nutrients. Also, kidney problems cause this anomaly. Moreover, vertical ridges are a clear sign of a possible arthritis. On the other hand, ridges which go horizontally are commonly a sign of a mental or physical overstraining.

Since nails usually signify your lack of nutrients, a proper nutrition can keep them healthy and beautiful. Make sure your body does not lack vitamin B6, protein, vitamin C and calcium. By eating green, leafy vegetables, dairy products and sesame seeds, you will grant your body the calcium it needs, making your fingernails strong and resistant to damage.

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