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Nail Discoloration Characteristics

Witnessing your nails turning green,yellow or white it usually a bad sign. Quite often, this indicatesinfections or some other, underlying diseases. These discolorationsare closely related with exposure to fungi, some of which are knownto inhabit one's nail area, thus triggering infections. These fungican be found in many places, including air, dirt, dust, as well assoil. Thus, getting affected by these microorganisms is not sounbelievable. That being said, upon noticing any strange colorsappearing on the surface of your fingernail or toe, let aloneexperiencing pain along with these, you are highly advised to seekmedical assistance and have the nails examined.

Reasons behind Discolored Nails

Even though nail discoloration oftenacts as a warning sign of a fungal infection, some other things maybe behind this condition too. However, most of these are oftenconnected and smaller problems lead to larger, more serious ones, ifleft untreated. Thereby, besides a fungal infection, your nail can beabnormally colored due to diabetes, jaundice, tobacco consumption,stains left by certain cosmetic products and many other differentthings. Also, malnutrition is known to cause nail discoloration.Additionally, drug sensitivity, diseases affecting the liver, heart,kidneys and lungs, dermatitis and bacterial infections may all be theculprits too. Finally, the reason may be less misaligned, such as aningrown toenail or physical nail separation.

Each color represents a differentscenario regarding the diseases causing it. Thereby, white nailsfrequently indicate liver and kidney problems. Redness affecting thehalf-moons shape at the basis of our nail bears witness of some heartproblems. Also, when the same area is brown, it often stands forkidney problems. Once this part is blue, this often indicatesexcessive amounts of copper in our body. Finally, blue fingernaildiscoloration stands for a side-effect related to certain drugs.

How Can You Treat Discolored Nails?

It is important to react as soon as younotice nail discoloration on your body. Seek medical assistance andhave your troublesome nails examined, getting a proper treatmentafterwards.

Before you do this, you might considerdipping your fingertips in a plastic bowl filled with lemon essentialoil. Keep them there for 15 minutes, and you might remove yourdiscoloration. Furthermore, if your fingernails are white, you mayconsider doing the same procedure, with the exception of usingdenture tablets instead of lemon essential oil, keeping your fingersin the solution for 20 minutes.

Soaking your nails in lemon juice,squeezed from an actual lemon, for 15 minutes, and washing them withwarm water can prove to be beneficial, removing the discoloration.

Applying honey may remove theinfections. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with anantibacterial soap.

Finally, brushing your fingernails withyour toothbrush, applying toothpaste beforehand can remove any yellowstains.

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