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A Frequent Nail Problem

People are quite prone to experiencingthe appearance of the white spots on their fingernails. This conditionmay be caused by several different factors, some of which involve adirect injury or an infection. These spots usually go away on theirown, disappearing after several days or growing out along with thenail itself. There are more different manifestations of thisphenomenon and they all involve white discolorations upon one'sfingernails. However, they may vary in size and shape. Therefore, themost radical cases involve the whole fingernail turning white, whileless severe ones manifest through larger white areas. Thus, nailspots are the least dangerous problem and is often easily treated,unless it vanishes on its own beforehand. Young people and womenpresent a group most likely to develop this type of naildiscoloration.

What Is Going On?

There are many theories about thegenesis of these white spots and their causes. Many people believethat it presents a clear sign of calcium deficiency. However, eventhose who have more than enough calcium in their organism tend todevelop these spots. This rules the above mentioned theory out.Nevertheless, whenever we hurt the base of our nail physically, wegive rise to a possibility of these spots. Interestingly, they arelikely to come out, even though several days may pass after theinjury takes place. This is why many fail to relate this mishap tothe spots in the first place.

There are other causes of these tinyspots. One of them is zinc deficiency. Alternatively, you might besuffering from nail fungi or some type of an infection, interferingwith the process of nail creation in your organism, resulting inthese discolorations. The spots may be triggered by an allergicreaction to the nail cosmetic products you might be using. Moreover,you might be too aggressive during your manicure sessions. All thesefactors may give way to these mysterious white spots, which willprobably vanish during the next eight weeks.

How to Get Rid of White Spots?

The best cure is waiting for the spotsto grow out or disappear without your influence. While you arewaiting for this to happen, you might apply vitamin E oil onto boththe nails and the skin around them. After fully grown, you can clipthe problematic parts off your nails. On the other hand, the bestprevention is having a vitamin-rich diet and being gentle to yournails at all times. Finally, if there are any serious complications,seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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