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Pregnancy and acrylics - togetheror not?

Well, this is certainly one ofthose questions that trouble one significant part of the female population;especially those women who are pregnant or planning to conceive in the mostrecent future.

Acrylics, nails, details

This variety of nails falls into thecategory of artificial nails, the ones that tend to be placed on top of thealready existing, natural, ones. As far as the composition is concerned, theyare created from a mixture consisting of powder and liquid. The latter is, inthe greatest majority of cases, Ethyl methacrylate or Methyl methacrylate. Thelatter represent the more affordable variety of the two.

Even though the nails in questiondo appear attractive and pretty, women should always inform themselves first ofthe possible ill effects - not so much of the nails themselves, but thesubstances they are created from. For example, the latter of the twoabove-mentioned substances is known to come with quite a number of undesiredand troublesome side effects. This is one of the prevailing reasons why aperson in question should always inquire about it, i.e. consult the manicuriston the choice of the liquid that is to be employed in making of the nails.

Pregnancy endangered – yes or no?

This variety of nails iscertainly one of the primary concerns to those women who have always hadartificial nails and are presently going through pregnancy. As a matter offact, wearing these nails should arise nocomplication for either the pregnant woman or her child.However, it is not advised to have them on, as well as nail polish due to ahigh content of chemicals they have. A natural variant of nails polish is amuch more appropriate and safer alternative, the one that pregnant women shouldalways keep in mind and consider.

As far as those problematic sidesof the artificial nails are concerned, there is quite a number of them. Forexample, they can bring about various infections, particularly thosefungus-like in nature. But perhaps the most evident downside of artificialnails is the fact that they can induce various fingernail fungus infections.Therefore, it is extremely important to always be on the watch and takeextremely good care of your fingernails at all times. As far as the twosubstances mentioned in the first part of this article are concerned, due to itshighly absorbing nature, Methyl Methacrylate should be avoided at all cost andEthyl Methacrylate should be opted for instead, since it is more likely not todo any harm in comparison to the former.

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