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When trying to get nice and tanned for the summer season without having time to hit the beach, many have turned to usingso-called “fake tans.”

Sometimes when applied too much, the fake tan coloring comesout looking bright orange and fairly ridiculous. But if this does happen, there is noneed to worry, because there is a way to get rid of the embarrassing fake tan.

It is important to remember that most of these fake tanswill fade in a matter of days on their own, so trying to scrub it off the skinwill probably do more damage than anything else.

It is better to lay low and stay inside for a couple of daysinstead of damaging the skin.

The best recommendation is to wear more clothes and hide thetan for the time being, and it is important to remember that many people couldbe laughing because they have gone through the same problem at some point intime.

As far as fake tans staining clothes, it is always advisedto wait at least 15 minutes after application before getting dressed.

But just to be safe, it is probably better to wear oldclothes that the person will not worry about ruining.

In cases where a person cannot wait to have the tan fade, forexample, if he or see has a wedding or job interview to attend, then there aresome solutions.

As far as the face and neck are concerned, the fake tansusually have the least effect on these areas and the tan will probably tonedown in this area in a matter of 24 hours or so.

A good idea is to massage baking soda into damp skinlightly, which will exfoliate the skin and could remove dead skin, helping toget rid of the color.

If the fake tan is really bad, a cotton pad should bemoistened with alcohol-free toner or liquid make-up remover and then used towipe the face and neck off.

Products with alpha or beta hydroxy acid should be appliedovernight as well.

Body hair bleach can be effective for orange palms andsoles. Apply the bleach to these areas, leave it on for about ten minutes andthen rinse it off.

It is important to never apply chemical products such as hydrogenperoxide on very large areas of the body because it is a very powerful chemicaland can harm the skin.

For the torso, legs and arms, it is best to coat the body inbaby oil and then take a long bath during which the person should exfoliate verygently with a cotton washcloth. Doing this on a daily basis will help theorange color of the fake tan disappear more quickly.

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