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Women are proud of their physical appearance and nails are an important part of this image. Keratin is what the nails and hair are made of, and four components make the nail (cuticle, proximal nail fold, plate bed and the matrix). Every month nails are longer few centimeters but this can change is some situations, such as pregnancy, since this is time of faster growing of the nails. Also, many factors contribute to the nail health and general health and diet are some of them. Also, the care provided for the nails is an important factor. Nail wearing can be a result of the use of computer keyboards, scratching or some other similar activity. Nails are attacked by some abnormalities as well and we tend to disregard these abnormalities and mask them with nail polish or acrylic nails. The problem may be a result of an underlying medical condition or an internal medical problem and ignoring it may bring more serious problems.

Unhealthy Nails or Health Issue

There are signs that indicate some underlying medical disorder and we will mention few. Melanoma can cause dark streaks on one of the nails, while alopecia areata and psoriasis can develop pinpoint holes on the nail. Paronychia is known for causing painful and red cuticles and anemia for the pale nail beds. Problems such as psoriasis, fungal infection and lichen planus can cause twisted, brittle or thick nails, while white spots on the nails can be a result of the fungal infection. Also, psoriasis can cause the creation of opaque or yellow nails. Visit to the dermatologist is needed if you think that you have a problem with the nails and that they are not healthy. See if you are having some other symptoms or some recent alterations regarding your hobbies, occupation, lifestyle or diet.

Healthy Nails

We will give you a few pointers on how to maintain healthy nails. Soaps can cause brittle and dry nails, so provide them with protection when working with the soap. When you are working with water, try to use rubber gloves with cotton liners, and you can also use mild soap. Nails need to be protected from the weather as well so use gloves and moisturizer during the wintertime. Use hand cream and creamy lotion two times a day to keep the hands moist and make sure that the nail plates and cuticles receive it as well. It is wise to have short clipped nails in an even shape, in order to prevent breakage. Never place anything under the nail and if there is something there, try to remove it. Nails are more prone to infections and can become dry and brittle due to polish exposure, so try to take breaks from this.

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