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Ugly Infected Nails

Nail infection such as onychomycosis affects up to 40% ofpeople over the age of 60. It is the infection caused by tiny plant-likeorganisms or fungi like yeasts and Dermatophytes that can cause deformed,discolored or thick nails. Nail infections are often painful and sometimes noteasy to treat. In almost 90% of cases, nail infections are caused bydermatophytes, while yeasts are more common cause in hot and humid climates. Funguscan be found everywhere, but they really like warm and moist places. They can beseen in the air, in the soil, or in the dust and they are also present in swimmingpools, locker rooms, or shower floors. They enter through the tiny cuts on theskin.

According to some studies, there is a higher possibility that you getyour toenails infected instead of fingernails, since the feet provide much moremoist and warm environment than hands. Infected toenails can occur due to thedecreased blood pressure in the toes. Sometimes it can be difficult to walk forpeople who have such an infection. Nail infections canbe passed over when using the same nail files, nail clippers, or by sharing theshoes.

Men are generally more prone to have nail infections than women. It issaid that women usually have their toenails infected, while in men theirfingernails are infected more frequently. Older people often have problems with nail infections sincetheir nails are becoming thicker as the time goes by. It is very important tochoose the beauty salon carefully. Due to sharing the same razors, nail filesor scissors, there is a higher possibility of spreading fungi from person toperson, which is why you need to make sure that the salon you go to is clean and sterile.

Nailinfection can also be caused by tight footwear. Small nail injuries, weakenedimmune system and diabetes can be some of the causes for nail infections, too. Peoplewho smoke have tendencies to have infected nails.


Having infected, painful and ugly nails can be really embarrassingfor people. For the right treatment you can choose between oraland cream treatment. Oral treatment is a bit more expensive and not alwaysrecommended. If you start taking certain medications to subdue a nail infection, you must know that you should continue taking them for a couple of months. Thelotions and creams such as Somasin are perfect if you want to get rid of theinfected nails. After using the Somasin for just one week, there can be seensome really satisfying effects. However, not all the treatments can get the nail tolook like it used to look.

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