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Whether we admit it or not, obesity has become one of the major health issues today, and the main reason for that is unhealthy lifestyle, which is becoming harder and harder to avoid. In America only, approximately one third of the population is overweight, which is a troubling fact indeed. When those who have a problem in the form of extra pounds decide to do something about it, they usually want something that will give results in the shortest time possible, and the diets seem like the logical solution. There are different types of diets, but those that the majority usually opts for are the so-called fad diets. These diets are based on removal of certain basic and essential food group from the diet, and this drastic change definitely results in losing weight. However, what people do not want to be aware of is that this solution is definitely not health-friendly. Since it usually takes some time for the extra pounds to accumulate, it is logical that it will take some time for them to disappear as well. At least this goes for the healthy ways of losing weight.

Dangers of fad diets

Fad diet, as one of the most popular easy and fast solutions, is definitely not a healthy way of losing extra pounds. What’s more, even though they do provide the wanted results, these results will not remain long enough, because as soon as the diet ends, the lost pounds will gradually return because people think that they can go back to their old eating habits. Or even if the lost pounds do not return right away, in the greatest majority of cases it will happen eventually. This is one of the main negative sides of these diets. But besides this, several dangers are associated with fad diets as well.

Due to the fact that the greatest majority of these diets is low in carbs, this usually implies that it is high in protein, which generally means high in fat. This can be negative unless the person is a bodybuilder or an athlete. Furthermore, the risk of heart diseases is closely related to diets that are high in protein because they usually abound in animal protein and cholesterol. The majority of fad diets usually also lack vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, and the consequences of this cannot be predicted precisely, because they depend on a number of other elements as well.

When talking about particular diets, the zone diet can increase the risk of developing diabetes, Atkins diet can cause problems with the liver, while Dr. Mario Dipasquale’s anabolic diet can increase the risks of osteoporosis.

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