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Fad diets pros and cons

Lots of magazines and commercials advertise excellent fad diets which will lead to a great body. The best thing is that they say a person does not need to do a thing in order to get in better shape apart from taking some pills that will burn the fat and stick to the diet.

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The bad thing is that they do not work. Instead of losing weight like they should be, people will only lose money. There are plenty of fad diets out there and all of them have their pros and cons. However, researches have proved that a majority of people, some 90% of them who do go on a such a diet get back to their original weight they had before they started the diet in just 18 months. To make things worse, some have even gained a couple of pounds.

The Atkins diet

This diet is based on the fat getting burned for energy first. In order to gain energy, the body uses carbohydrates first and then fat. This diet makes boundaries on the intake of foods that are rich in carbohydrates like breads and potatoes which makes the body use the fats for energy first. The pros of this diet is that a person can eat a thing like a steak with cheese topping or a chocolate mocha ice cream and pork scratchings. A diet that is high in protein intake will eventually cause heart disease, colon cancer or constipation and that is one of the main cons of this diet.

The Zone diet

The main focus of this diet is to enhance the energy and lessen the hunger by keeping the eating habits in the zone or when the body is at the peak. In order for this to work a person must keep his or her meals in the ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fats.The good thing about this diet is that it is low on calories and a person is likely to loose weight.The main drawback of this diet is that it is really hard to maintain this difficult regime. Another bad thing is that the metabolism will slow down since not enough calories enter the body and that will lead to starvation. In addition, these starvation reactions will cause the eating away of the muscle tissue while the fat will remain untouched.

The blood group diet

Every blood group is better at absorbing some nutrients than the others. This way a person will be able to plan a diet depending on the blood type.Pros of this diet is that the person who sticks to it is bound to loose weight since it is restricting the intake of calories. The main con of this diet is that there are no strong scientific facts that will support this kind of diet. If a person does not take whole food groups he or she will eventually face some health problems.

These diets work because of the major avoidance of calories intake. However, after a while people will get hungry and then they tend to overeat. In order to lose weight properly, people need to eat all food groups, do exercises and slightly decrease the intake of calories.

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