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The Mistake

Many women who are into exercising focus their work-outs solely on cardiovascular activities. However, this is bad, since there is more to fitness than these exercises alone. Then, they fail to reach the desired results, being disappointed in their methods and ways of exercising. However, all they have to do is to combine their existing workouts with weight lifting, having an excellent bodily and health effect in no time.

Surely, cardio exercising is good for our organism. However, you need a good diet in order to provide it with enough calories to burn. Also, you need to strain your muscles as well, since only through excessive muscular effort you are capable of creating a mass which will be visible as progress of your workouts. Excessive cardio will make you lose to much weight without making your muscles prominent. Thus, combination of the two is necessary.

Motivators for Good Exercise Routines

Once you combine cardio with weight lifting, you will increase your muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the faster your metabolism will be, getting rid of fat while making you look strong and fit. Also, in such an exercise program, gaining is not losing. Namely, if you happen to have put on a few pounds, this may not be because you are eating too much. Rather, muscles have weight. Then, the more of them you have, the more pounds will you have. Do not get demotivated and do not judge your progress by stepping on the scale. Rather, seek visual results which are bound to be positive once you combine cardio and weightlifting exercise.

You need body mass in order to be fit. Exercising is not about becoming all skin and bones. Muscles are the most important product of exercising. Therefore, you may gain a few pounds. However, these are the healthiest pounds existing, since these are all muscles which make you healthy and cause you to look good and fit.

All in all, ignore the scales, stay creative and combine different exercise methods and stay persistent. This will cause your body to evolve through weight lifting while staying fit and healthy through cardio. These two combined will be all you need for reaching excellent body shape and being admired by others due to your toned muscles and a figure to die for.

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