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Fat or Sad?

There is a catch in many diet andexercise plans and many people who desire to become fit end up beingcaught into this vicious circle, dying to get out. Namely, once youstart exercising, you usually change your entire life since you havenot done anything similar before. Thus, being plump but motivated,you change your lifestyle, diet and habits completely. Thereby, youeat differently, exercise vigorously at least 3 times a day andfocus on nutrition so light that you barely have a diet at all.

This, naturally, is not a goodtechnique. Surely, it will cause initial weight loss and you arelikely to be satisfied with the results. However, you are bound toget defeated by your new lifestyle once you face the fact that eatingboiled vegetables just is not what life is made of. Then, you arelikely to give up on your successful diet plan and return to yourprevious diet, choosing being happy and fat over being fit andmiserable.

Apparently, something is wrong with thetechnique here and you need an alternative method in order to losepounds and become motivated to stay fit for many days to come, evenfor the rest of your life.

Efficient over Extreme

The main mistake with the abovementioned diet plans is their intensity. Namely, you start extremelyand you introduce a sudden, complete change, being a shock for yourorganism. Since this is counter-productive, you need to do somethingdifferently. Start gradually, with a diet plan similar to yourcurrent one, yet smaller in portions and more frequent. Combine this,sensible eating habit with frequent exercising and you are on anexcellent way of losing weight and staying fit.

Be patient regarding the progress. You didnot become overweight overnight. The same way, you cannot possiblylose weight overnight. Rather, you have a lot of sweat to shed and alot of pounds to lose before real, extraordinary results startappearing. However, once you reach this level, you will realize thatit has all been worth the effort.

Therefore, moderate exercises,realistic goals and a sensible diet are all you need in order toachieve your goal when it comes to body weight and fitness. Be awareof these factors, make your own exercise plan, back it up with ahealthy lifestyle and a productive, smart and healthy diet. Then, andonly then, will you be able to stand in front of the mirror, proudand happy for all the things you have done.

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