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It is obvious that performing just one type of the exercisewill not help us make a perfect body, but it is a good starting point. Actually,several types of workouts are needed to be applied and of course in a specific order.

Exercising schedule

If there is some extra fat tissue present, it is obviousthat weight reduction needs to be applied. For that purpose, cardio exercising isthe best possible option. The strength output is low and that means that theexercise can be done for a long time, which is great for a fat burning process.The point of cardio exercise is that the oxygen is actively enrolled in the musclecontraction process and therefore, it helps with keeping the muscles able toperform the exercise. Cardio type should be done constantly. At first, it isgreat for eliminating extra pounds, and later on, it should be included in a weeklyworkout schedule simply to maintain the desired weight and to increaseendurance and stamina.

Next type of workout that should be taken into considerationis muscle mass building. When fat is gone, we want our muscles to be obviousfor everyone, and for that to happen, those muscles have to grow. Simple musclegrowth is reached with lifting weights, or simply put, using additional weightin all possible situations and in exercise too. The point of muscle massbuilding is that the additional weight has to increase after some time. Just aswith cardio workout, at some point, the body will get used to the strain and theexercise will be performed easily, which is not something we want to happen.But when that does happen, and it will, additional weight must be applied.

Abdominal area

Whatever type of workout is used, there is no person that wouldnot like to possess a great six pack stomach area. This area must use both ofthe mentioned exercises. Men usually tend to get some weight with years of badhabits and that weight accumulates in the stomach area. Cardio must be applied herein order to activate the fat tissue, to start burning it. Muscle building partcan come later on, when all of the excessive weight has been eliminated. As forsome excellent exercises, Swiss ball crunches are really great to try out. Thepoint of using the ball is in the fact that more strength is needed forexecuting simple sit ups, because a person needs to keep the balance on theball.

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