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Exercising Makes Weight LossImpossible?!

We usually think that, as long as weexercise regularly and eat the right kind of food, we are bound tostay fit and in excellent shape. However, this does not necessarilyhave to be true. Namely, there are certain factors related toexercising which can stand in the way of losing weight and stayingfit in that respect.

Basically, once you wake up in themorning only to have your demanding cardio training on an emptystomach, you surely are bound to burn quite a large amount ofcalories. Nevertheless, this extreme loss of calories will cause youto be extremely hungry once you come back home.

Now, since you need food in order tohave energy for your workouts and your busy daily schedule, you arelikely to eat more after an exhausting exercise session. This, in thelong run, causes you to eat more for your breakfast and other mealsduring the day, leading to a weight gain instead to a completelyopposite effect.

How To Change This?

Logically, you need to eat less afteryour workouts. In order to achieve this and reduce your hunger, you may try taking a shower after your morningexercising session and immediately going out for a coffee or anextremely light meal on the go.

Alternatively, you may want to have ameal high in fiber before your workouts. For these purposes you mayhave a bowl of cereal or whole grains. Eating these before workingout will grant you calories you can spend without being extremelyhungry afterward.

Pay attention to the protein shakes youare drinking, if you are doing such a thing. Quite often, these arefull of sugar. Sugar makes up for all your lost and burnt calories,even adding somewhat extra, making your exercises futile, keepingyour weight levels the same, or even elevated, regardless of yourphysical efforts invested. So, read the ingredients carefully andchoose low calorie drinks of this type, keeping your calorie countunder control and actually losing weight through exercising.

All in all, you need to organize yourexercise schedule carefully. You will need to be careful about whatyou eat and when you eat it, since all this can influence yourprogress. Have a good diet, combined with a well planned exercisingroutine and you will be losing and maintaining adequate weight in notime, with minimal effort.

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