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Swollen eyelid cause

If a person's eyelids swell up it pretty much affects the beauty of his or her face.The first thing a person must do in order to avoid this from happening is to maintain proper hygiene. Another thing that is quite important is sleep. A person must have enough hours of sleep during the night if he or she wishes to avoid this inconvenience. Proper eye care is important as well. In most cases, swollen eyelids occur in the morning and it is ok as long as they do not hurt. If they cause pain, then it is a more severe case and a person should seek medical attention. It is usually a symptom of some infection. In most cases one's vision is not interfered, but there are times when this happens. When this happens, a person is advised to go to the hospital.Causes of swollen eyelids

In most cases a person's eyelids swell up because of some sort of bacteria or virus. The medicinal name for such an inconvenience is blepharitis. In cases where bacteria causes the swelling, staph bacteria gives rise to red or white cysts on the eyelid.Apart from these symptoms a person can get swollen eyelids from bad hygiene, contact with filthy things or rubbing the eyes with hands that are not so clean. If a person uses expired cosmetics or does not remove the eye makeup before going to sleep he or she may experience swollen eyelids as well.There are cases when face wash, face cleanser and even soap can be the cause of swollen eyelids.People who have sinus problems experience problems with swollen eyelids more often.Another reason for swelling of the eyelids may be the blockage of oil glands.Dandruff and rosacea can also cause swollen eyelids.These are only the causes that occur most often.

Swollen eyelids treatment

A lot of people choose some ointment or an antibiotic when they want to get rid of the swelling of the eyelids. Eye drops are used mainly if the swelling is severe and causes pain. If dandruff is the thing that caused the swelling a person can make sure to get rid of the dandruff. A person can apply ice or a warm compress in order to reduce the swelling. Some people use baby shampoo as well.

In order to avoid swollen eyelids a person should stop sharing cosmetics. If none of the remedies reduce the swelling a person should go to the hospital.

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