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Information on Eyelid Pain

There are so many factors and cause which can trigger swelling and painful sensations in the upper, lower and inner eyelid. Eyelids protect the eye because it is a very delicate organ and they consist of the thinnest skin on the human body.

Eyelid disorders usually do not affect the vision, but, the rubbing and blink may irritate the eye or trigger certain types of bacterial infections. Painful sensations that occur from the outer structures of the eye are medically referred to as ocular pain.

Causes of Eyelid Pain

An eye sty is one of the most common causes of eyelid pain because in most cases it is associated with local irritation. A lump gets developed in the eyelid and it blocks the oil gland. The lump can be rather painful in some cases. Another medical condition that may be affiliated with swelling and painful sensations in the eyelids is called blepharitis.

It usually also involves inflammatory conditions of the eyelid. This medical condition is one of the most common eye problems and it may range from minor allergic reactions and irritations to the most severe cases which involve different types of infections and sometimes even skin cancer. Blepharitis gets triggered by bacterial infections due to poor hygiene.

Blepharitis occurs at the edges of the eyelids. Anterior blepharitis affects the outer side of the eyelids, while the posterior blepharitis usually occurs on the inner side of the eyelids. This medical condition usually involves symptoms such as eye itching, swelling, irritation, eyelid pain, burning, warmth, dry eye and redness.

Ptosis may be the cause of painful eyelids as well. Another condition that may be the cause of swelling and painful sensations in the eyelids is the eyelid edema. It can be triggered by numerous different factors and it can sometimes affect the vision as well. It involves irritation and inflammatory conditions of the eyelids.

Eyelid cellulitis is a medical condition which involves an infection and it can be characterized by itching, swelling and burning sensations as it affects the entire eyelid. Another condition which may be worth mentioning is the eyelid ectropion in which the lower eyelid gets pulled away from the eye. This medical condition usually involves irritation, dry eyes, swelling, redness, irritation and tearing.

Eyelid entropion is a condition in which the eyelid gets turned inwards. Painful sensations and swelling can also be triggered by eyelid tumors. Other common causes of swelling and painful sensations in the eyelids may include orbital infection, thyroid eye disease and dacryocystitis.

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