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Eyes are said to be one of the most used body parts and theyare very sensitive to touch. Swelling and the pain can really annoy somepeople and various problems with eyelids can cause many different troubles. Forexample, it can be difficult for people to blink or see properly. If your eyelidsare itching and swollen, you should not touch them under any circumstances. You shouldn`tput any eye makeup if you happen to have itchy and swollen eyelids. This conditionis not very serious, but, you need to be careful not to make it worse. Keep youreyes and your hands clean to avoid itchy and swollen eyelids.


Now, we are going to focus on the causes of the itchyswollen eyes. Blepharitis is the condition where oil glands near the eyelashesbecome infected with bacteria. This condition can emerge as a result of using eyemakeup that contains unsuitable substances. Some of the symptoms of blepharitisare formation of scales around the eyelashes and irritation of the skin. Conjunctivitisis triggered by a bacterial or virus infection in the eye and it causes itchyswollen eyelids. People who have conjunctivitis can often feel twitching of theeye.

Few people know that their eyelids can get sunburned justlike their face and body. UV protection is needed when going out in the sun. Ifeyelids get sunburned, they are usually followed by itchy swollen eyelids. The essential step in avoiding itchy swollen eyes is maintaininghygiene. Avoid rubbing your eyes with dirty hands, keep the area around the eyesclean, don`t leave eye makeup over night, etc. Eye stye can also cause itchy swollen eyelids. The smalllump is formatted on the edge of the eyelash and it can be very painful.


Various home remedies can be used for curing the itchyswollen eyelid. Belpharitis can be cured by dipping a cloth in the warmwater and applying it to the eyelids two times a day. In case the treatmentdidn`t help, you should consult a doctor about whatto do next. Conjunctivitis cannot be cured by using home remedies. You wouldneed the assistance of the professional as this condition tends to be severe.

The same treatment that goes for the stye goes for the blepharitis as well.You should apply wet warm cloth to the eyelid and the breaking of the pus willeventually happen, but be careful not to press the stye too hard. This treatmentcan really help in reducing itchiness and swell. If you happen to have itchy swollen eyelids caused bysunburn, you should put two slices of cucumber covered with cold damp cottonballs on your eyelids and leave it for a couple of minutes.

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