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Swollen eyelids

This medicalcondition referred to as swelling of the eyelid is not so uncommon. Different reasonscan be blamed for its onset. For instance, it can be provoked by an allergicstimulus of some sort, or perhaps by contamination of the eye by some germ. Thisarticle will help you find out more about this ailment, and help you be more preparedfor it in case you or someone you know must fight it.

It isinteresting to note that this problem is fairly frequent, and the majority ofindividuals will come to suffer from it at least once in their lifetime. Theeyelids have the important role of protecting the eye from being contaminatedwith dirt or fumes that can provoke irritation of some sort. If that happens tooccur, one’s lids swell and exhibit signs of inflammation.

The goodthing is that swelling of eyelids does not in any way impair the sense ofvision, but other unpleasant signs may give trouble to the patient. One’s eyescan itch, the skin of the eyelids may flake, or one’s eyes may be watery. The propertreatment of the condition will depend on the reason that is to blame for theonset of eyelid swelling.

Naturalhelp for swelling of the eyelids

Cold temperaturesare very convenient for treating inflammations of different sorts. The inflammationof the eyelid manifested as swelling of the area can be relieved if one appliescold compress. Take an absorbent cloth, soak it into cold water and thensqueeze out excessive water. Put it over your eyes and let it rest there for roughlya quarter of an hour a couple of times per day. Instead of the cloth, one cantake come cucumber and place it over eyelids to the same effect.

Also, a warmpiece of cloth may help the patient in getting rid of swelling. It is appliedthe same way as the cold one. Apart from these simple measures, the patient maymake some amendments to their position while sleeping. Try to keep your head elevatedfrom the horizontal position, so as to prevent the blood from accumulating inthe area.

Various typesof irritation of the eyelid

In somecases edema is to blame for the swelling. Since retention of fluids in the areais the culprit for the puffiness, a corticosteroid cream can help tremendously.In case, a person contracts conjunctivitis, they have the possibility of usingantibiotics drugs or drops that will very soon start relieving the puffiness inthe eyelids.

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