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Eyelid Disorders Facts

The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest skin on our body. You should take a good care of your eyes as they are very sensitive and there are also various eyelid disorders that may affect the eyelid. Washing your hands before touching your eyes can prevent you from having any kind of infection of your eyes, which can even lead to the eyelid disorders such as eyelid edema, stye, ectropion, blepharitis, chalazion, and entropion, etc.

Causes and Symptoms of Eyelid Disorders

As we have said, there are a couple of eyelid disorders that may cause a constant blinking or some other eyelid problems.

One of the most common eyelid disorders is blepharitis and it is also a chronic condition that is caused by not maintaining a proper hygiene. Various bacterial infections may cause this condition, but the inflammation of the eyelids, improper function of the eyelid oil glands and various allergies may cause it as well. The usual symptoms of blepharitis are burning sensation, watery eyes with redness, red eyes or itchy eyelids.Another eyelid disorder is called stye and it is also called hordeolum. This eyelid disorder is usually caused by staphylococcus bacteria, stress and applying too much eye makeup. People who suffer from the stye may have to go to the eye specialist, as their eyelids may develop pimple-like lumps. If you notice any symptoms of the stye and they include redness of the eye, itching, pain around or in the eyes and watery eyes, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes, a stye may harm your vision if a yellowish pus containing spot is not treated on time.One more eyelid disorder is called chalazion and many people may confuse it with the stye. This condition is different from stye as it is less painful and it appears on the inside of the eyelid. The treatment of the chalazion may take several weeks or months to heal properly. If the glands that produce tears get blocked, they cause the inflammation of the eyelid and create the cyst.The eyelid disorder that causes the eyelid to fold inward is called entropion and it usually affects the lower eyelid. This disorder is of genetic nature and dogs are most prone to suffer from it. There are various types of entropion, and they include congenital entropion occurring at the birth, spasit entropion involving uncontrollable eye muscle contraction, involutional entropion which is a turning of the eyelids inward, and cacitrical entropion caused by the scars on the eyelid. People who suffer from the entropion may experience the symptoms like irritated eye, red eye, feeling of dirt in the eye, watery eyes, etc.Ectropion is the eyelid disorder that causes the eyelid to turn outwards and it can cause the burning red eyes. Most common causes of the ectropion are facial paralysis, weakened muscles around the eyes and slacking of the eye tissue. Watery eyes are the main symptom of this eyelid disorder, but dry eye can also be one of them.Eye swelling is also called eyelid edema, which is also one of the eyelid disorders. Variety of causes may affect the eyelid edema and they include bacterial infections, plants, eye makeup, chemicals, allergic reaction to food or insect bites. People who suffer from this condition may experience burning of the eyelids, itchy eyelids, reddish skin around the eyes or swelling of the eyes.

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