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Eyelidis the main protector of the eye and it helps in its lubrication. If thearea around the eyelashes gets in contact with certain germs, the eyelidbecomes infected. It is usually followed by inflammation or reddening of theeyelid area. Eyelid infections can lead to troubles with vision and sometimescan be very painful. People who suffer from eyelid infections should avoid eyemakeup and they shouldn’t rub their eyes. Make sure that yourhands are washed thoroughly before you even touch your eyes.

VariousForms of Eyelid Infection

Thereare many forms of eyelid infections. Usually, they are all causing the pain andthe redness of the eye. One ofthe causes of the infected eyelid is a condition called the eye stye. It is a very painful infection caused by the tiny hair follicle infected with bacteria.On both bottom and top of the eyelid there could be seen red bumps that looklike pimples. These bumps become full of pus, and yellow and white spots emergeon them. Swelling and redness can be visible on the outside of the eyelid. Youshouldn`t expose your eyes to the sun if you have a stye. After a couple of days,there can be seen breaking up of the stye and draining out of the pus. Itmay take about a week for the eyelid to heal completely.

Anothervery serious form of an eyelid infection is blepharitis. It is a condition causedby the inability of the tiny glands in the eyelid to lubricate the eyes the waythey should. Allergies of the eyes, diabetes or infection can be some of thecauses of the blepharitis. Sufferers of the blepharitis may experienceheaviness of eyelid, redness, itching and burning sensation ofthe eyelid area, etc. It may also be very difficult for them to expose theireyes to bright lights. Some people may find their eyelids glued together in themorning due to the draining from the eyelids over the night. It may take to oneyear for this condition to be cured completely.

One more form of the eyelid infection is called cellulitis, and it is extremely painful. The sufferers of the cellulitis often experiencethe excessive eyelid swelling. This condition should be treated on time sinceit can cause the whole eye orbit to become swollen and red. Its symptoms areburning and itching of the eye.

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