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Swollen Eyelids in the MorningSwollen or puffy eyes in the morning are very common issue. The eyelids are quite sensitive and can easily become irritated, red and puffy. This is usually noticed in the morning, and then reduces spontaneously in a short while. This happens as gravity force drains the fluid that has accumulated throughout the night. Puffy eyes usually regain their normal appearance by mid-day.

Sensitive Eyelids in the Morning

Many causes may influence swelling of the eyelids in the morning and the increase in their sensitivity. The majority of the potential triggers are benign while some of them may be more serious and even require doctor’s attention. This unpleasant effect can occur due to many factors, including heredity, allergies, stress, fatigue, and crying. It can also be caused by alcohol consumption, dehydration or develop because of the extremely salty diet.

Fluid retention is considered to be the most common cause of puffy eyes. Such swelling happens because body fluids easily accumulate around the eyes during the sleep.

Dehydration is another significant factor influencing the look of our eyelids. When the body is dehydrated, brain sends signals to the rest of the body to store the water and prevent the possible crisis. Body tends to accumulate water in different tissues and around the eyes. Thus, drinking sufficient amounts of water will help prevent and cure dehydration.

Salty meals, especially before going to bed, may result in swollen eyelids in the morning. Sodium found in such food is commonly blamed for water retention and subsequent puffiness of the eyes.

Alcohol is a well known diuretic. It lowers the level of the body’s natural anti-diuretic hormone responsible for re-absorption of water. Lower levels of ADH provoke water retention and lead to swollen eyelids in the morning.

Allergies may also cause swelling of the eyes. Allergic reactions are most commonly accompanied by itchy sensation and redness of the eyelids. Many allergens such as dust, pollen or foods may provoke allergic reactions in humans. Contact lenses, eye makeup, creams and other such items may also cause irritation to the eyes.

Among other causes of swollen eyes in the morning there are age, hormonal imbalance, injuries to the eye, dermatitis, and lack of sleep.

Bumps on Eyelid can Cause Swelling

Many times swelling of the eyelids develops as a consequence of formation of bumps or similar tumefaction. These bumps are blamed for inflammation and accompanying accumulation of fluid in the eyelids. Eye stye is only one condition characterized by formation on bumps on the eyelids. Basically, all eyelid bumps may resemble but their underlying causes are different.

Eye stye is commonly caused by bacteria Staphylococcus. These bacteria multiply and interfere with normal production of the oil glands causing specific symptoms such as erythema, tenderness and swelling of the eyelid. Even a small bump may occur and it is usually filled with puss. The symptoms of infection can be alleviated by warm compresses while the bacteria are eradicated with antibiotics.

Another cause of bump on the eyelid and consequent swelling is chalazion. Chalazion is a cyst which occurs due to blockage of meibomian gland. Meibomian glands are accessory organs of the eyelids in charge with production of specific sticky substance. This substance keeps the eyelashes moist. In case the duct of meibomian gland is blocked, the sebum accumulates inside the gland and this results in painless whitish bump on the eyelid. The condition may resemble eye stye. However, there is a difference since in chalazion there is no bacterial infection. Chalazion is also treated with warm compresses. There are plenty of home remedies which may help people who are suffering from this medical condition. In severe cases chalazion is treated with corticosteroid injections and final solution for rather persistent cases is incision and curettage.

And finally, one more cause of white bump on the eyelid is milia. Milia commonly affects babies and small children and this condition features with a tiny, painless and rather hard bumps on the eyelids. In children milia develops as a consequence of improper function of the skin to shed dead cells. If the condition occurs in adults, it is usually caused by sunburn or injury to the eyelid. Milia is treated by well-experienced doctors, usually dermatologists.

How to Reduce Swelling?

Repeated swelling of the eyelids which is not connected with any underlying eyelid infection usually subsides on its own. The process of fluid drainage, however, may be accelerated with slices of cucumber, cold tea bags, cotton pads dipped in ice-cold water etc. and even prevented if one starts to sleep with the head in an elevated position. One should pay care and stay well hydrated, drink alcohol in moderate amounts and use only skin products that cannot cause allergic reactions.

Finally, since sometimes swollen eyelids may be a sign of more serious underlying conditions like kidney disease one is supposed to consult a health care provider and be thoroughly examined.

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