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Eyelids are important parts of the eyes and are definitely one of the most delicate organs. They prevent entering of dust and other irritants and provide with proper lubrication with tears. Inflammation of eyelids may affect all people and it is either primary when infection first starts on eyelids or it may be secondary when infection spreads from other parts of the eyes or nearby skin onto the eyelids. One of the characteristics of inflammation of eyelids is an eye stye. But apart form an eye stye there several other conditions which may cause formation of white bump on eyelids. Basically, all bumps may resemble but the underlying cause s is different.

Causes of White Bump on Eyelid

Eye infection is the leading cause of white bump on eyelids. Eye stye is commonly caused by bacteria Staphylococcus. In infection these bacteria multiply and interfere in normal production of the oil glands causing specific symptoms such as erythema, tenderness and swelling of the eyelid. Even a small bump may occur and it is usually filled with puss. The symptoms of infection can be alleviated by warm compresses while the bacteria are eradicated with antibiotics.

Another cause of white bump on eyelid is chalazion. Chalazion is a cyst which occurs due to blockage of meibomian gland. Meibomian glands are accessory organs of eyelids in charge with production of specific sticky substance. This substance keeps the eyelashes moist. In case the duct of meibomian gland is blocked the sebum accumulates inside the gland and this results in painless whitish bump on the eyelid. This condition may resemble eye stye. However, there is a difference since in chalazion there is no bacterial infection. Chalazion is also treated with warm compresses. There are plenty of home remedies which may help people who are suffering from this medical condition. In severe cases chalazion is treated with corticosteroid injections and final solution for rather persistent cases is incision and curettage.

And finally, one more cause of white bump on the eyelid is milia. Milia commonly affects babies and small children and this condition features with a tiny, painless and rather hard bumps on eyelids. In children milia develops as a consequence of improper function of the skin to shed dead cells. If this condition occurs in adults it is usually caused by sunburn or injury of the eyelid. Milia is treated by well-experienced doctors, usually dermatologists.

Prevention of White Bump on Eyelid

Since majority of eye infection is typically related to poor hygiene even prevention of white bump on the eyelid can be successfully achieved by proper hygiene. People should avoid rubbing their eyes with dirty hands and reduce contact between eyes and hands to minimum. If there is a need for one to touch his/ her eyes the best way is to wash hands with antibacterial soap prior touching the eyes. Even children must be taught how to maintain proper hygiene from the early childhood.

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