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Puffy eyelids causes, symptoms and treatment

Puffy eyelids can be a serious problem. Sometimes it can be a real problem when a person can"t open or close the eyes entirely. It all depends on how severe the condition is. Plenty of causes exist for this problem. A person may be able to avoid some, but there are some which are unavoidable. Then again, there are lots of home remedies that can help in these kinds of situations.

Causes of puffy eyelids

It is not natural for the eyelids to swell for no reason. There has to be something that has caused it such as, lack of sleep is the cause that can affect everybody, illness, crying, make-up and dehydration as well. Others mav have swelling due to allergies, high blood pressure and hormonal imbalance. A person's diet can cause puffy eyelids if there is too much salt or artificial sweetener in it. Even medications and environment irritants can cause it.

Serious causes

A person should consult his or her doctor if the problem becomes chronic. There are cases where a foamy substances appears on the surface of the eyes. This may mean that that person lacks iron or vitamins A and B2 or that he or she has high levels of fat. A doctor will be able to help in these cases as well.

Symptoms of puffy eyelids

Puffiness is the symptom that is the most obvious. But, there are cases where the puffiness is not that obvious so a person should pay attention to some of the other symptoms like swollen eyelids, itchy and red or irritated eyes. If it becomes hard for a person to blink it can be the case of puffy eyelid symptoms as well. If any of these symptoms occur it is important that a person does not rub or touch the eyes. It is best to leave them alone until proper treatment is sought after.

Treatment for puffy eyelids

Lots of home remedies can be applied if a person gets puffy eyelids. Things like cold water and clothes or ice packs will have an immediate impact. In most cases, this state is temporary and will go away in mere minutes or hours. Anti-inflammatory creams and hemorrhoid cream will also help. A person should avoid salt and artificial sweeteners, drink more water and get more sleep. If none of these things helped, a person should head for the hospital.

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