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Eyelids are among the most sensitive parts of the human bodybecause they consist of an extremely thin layer of skin. They are veryimportant because they protect the eyes from various unwanted foreign elementsand keep the eyes moist by spreading the tears all over them. Swollen or redeyelids are commonly associated with the feeling of puffiness. Some symptoms ofthis annoying condition are painful while certain others are not.

Swollen Eyelid Causes and Symptoms

One of the most common causes of swollen eyelids is amedical condition known by the name of blepharitis. It occurs when the oilglands located under the eyelids get affected by certain types of bacterialinfections. Eye tumors, allergic reactions, dandruff and many other factors canbe related to the occurrence of blepharitis as well. Severe cases ofblepharitis are usually accompanied with excessive tear production, burningsensation, dryness of the skin, irritation of the skin, redness and painfulsensations. If left untreated it may lead to certain other medical conditionssuch as conjunctiva, inflammatory conditions of the cornea, irritation andstyes. Eye stye is a minor type of infection which is commonly caused by abacterium scientifically known as staphylococcus aureus. The base of theeyelash erupts and is accompanied by swelling, redness and painful sensations. Astye is usually not a serious medical condition, although it sometimes may beconfused with a chalazion. Pink eye is also one of the common causes of swolleneyelids. It lasts for no more than a week and it often gets confused with conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis is a medical condition which affects theeyelids and it can be caused by bacteria or viruses. It is characterized bycertain symptoms such as excessive itchiness, watery discharge from eyes, eyetwitching, reddening of the eyes, and of course swelling. It can be cause by avast array of different factors although it is most commonly caused by contactlens, smoke, air pollution and other environmental factors. Eyelid edema isanother well known medical condition affiliated with the swelling of theeyelids. It is triggered by an accumulation of fluids on the eyelids. It isactually an allergic reaction accompanied by itching, pain and redness. Eyeliddermatitis is another medical condition associated with swollen eyelids. Thesame can be said for both benign and malignant types of eyelid tumors. Swolleneyelids are commonly treated with certain types of prescribed medicaments.

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