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Eyelid edema

Eyelid Edema

Because of the sensitivity of the eyes, they could be easily hurt. Just an irritation or infection of the eye could lead to inflammation and seriously affect retina, cornea or the eyelid. Any abnormal condition that affects the eyelids is known as eyelid edema.

This is a common eye problem, caused by the accumulation of fluids in the eyelid. The cause of the buildup can be an infection, allergic reaction or eye injury. Sometimes, eyelid edema can be just annoying, but in some cases swelling might lead to vision problems. If your symptoms happen to be severe, you should seek some urgent medical help. Eyelid swelling must be taken seriously and checked with the doctor, because of the potential consequences.

Allergic Reactions

One of the most likely causes of eye swelling is an allergy. Every possible allergen could affect your eyes and cause eyelid edema. Cosmetics, pollen, bug bite, different chemicals, synthetic clothes are the most common reasons.

If you know what are you allergic at – avoid those substances. When you discover the cause of your allergy, don’t use those products any more. In some cases, people suffer from eyelid edema because of the things in the air. They can’t do anything about the pollen, cotton or dogwood if you live in the area full of these airborne allergens. You may consult a doctor and take some prescription drugs, if the swelling is seriously affecting your health. When trying to avoid the medications, you might relieve the symptoms just by keeping cold compresses on the eyes.

Eye Infections

Conjunctivitis, grit or bit of sand could infect your eye and make it swollen. Some eyelid infections can be cleared only by proper medications. Keep that in mind, and remember that untreated eyelid infection may cause orbital cellulitis and lead to loss of vision.

Usually, apart from swelling, eye infections cause redness, leaking, itching, and crusting. The treatment depends on a cause of infections and doctors may prescribe creams, tablets and injections to treat the swelling. These products might even be combined to achieve better results.

Eye Injuries

We already said that eyes are delicate structure of the body. Rubbing or injuring them might lead to eyelid edema. If you play some sports or enjoy some activity that might hurt your eyes always wear protective glasses. Even sun glasses might be helpful sometimes. As the first help, try cold compresses. It won’t stop the bruises after a bar fight, but swelling will most certainly be less visible.

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