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Swollen eyes from crying

A lot of people wonder why do their eyes swell up after they have cried. There are a couple of scientific reasons why is that so but one of them is quite simple. A person's eyes swell up because of the tears. However, to know why the eyes swell up after crying, a person should first find out what exactly tears are. Tears are secretions based on water. These secretions have a fair amount of sodium in them and their job is to make sure that the surface of the eye and the cornea are clean and moist. Tears also make sure that no dust ends up in the eyes. Basal tears is a more scientific name for these tears.

Why do tears lead to swollen eyes?

When a person cries, those tears are called reflex tears. When a person experiences some strong emotions, the nervous system reacts and a person ends up crying. Tear glands or lacrimal glands are where tears come from. These glands are located on the upper and outer corners of the eye lids. One of the main reasons for swollen eyes after crying is because of the extreme pressure on the tear glands that is created with generation of tears. Another reason why a person ends up with puffy eyes after crying is because tears have lots of salt and sodium in them. A person may also experience skin dehydration because of all the salt and sodium in the tears. Skin absorbs the tears. A person's skin may also get irritated and then a person will rub the eyes which also leads to swollen eyes. However, a person should know that the swelling of the eyes after crying is a normal and natural process. How to fix swollen eyes from crying?
There are a couple of things a person can do in order to reduce the swelling. Since salt and sodium in the tears lead to dehydration, a person can drink water in order to replenish what is lost. Washing the face with water also helps. Another way to get rid of the puffy eyes is to sleep. Enough sleeping hours will restore the balance of fluids and emotions. Another good cure is to place slices of either cucumber or potato directly on the eyelids. Certain ingredients in these vegetables will get the levels of moisture in the skin back to their normal state. These vegetables will also reduce the effects caused by the adrenaline rush.

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