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Sweaty Feet

Wearing socks and shoes for a long period of time can causeyour feet become sweaty. It can be quite an embarrassing situation if you have totake your shoes off and you have sweaty feet. The more you know about theeffect of your sweaty feet, the better the chances that you are going tocure them. You would probably like if there was some kind of an immediate cure this.


If you are one of those people who have sweaty feet, thenyou should definitely know the possible causes of it. One of the causes ofsweaty feet can be due to the genetic predisposition, meaning that it is passed fromone generation to another. Among other reasons may be the anxiety, stress or some othertense situations. If you know someone in your family had sweaty feet, you don`thave to worry too much, but if you have recently developed it, then you may havesome of the medical conditions such as heart disease, infections, leukemia,lymphoma, and overactive thyroid, etc. Sweaty feet can also be caused by approaching of menopause in women and sometimes by certainmedication that you are taking.

Healing Process

A foul smell of sweaty feet is released by the interactionbetween a certain bacteria and the end products of your metabolism like sodiumchloride, minerals or fat. If you have sweaty feet, you need to get rid of thebacteria that grow on the soles of your feet. Wash them regularly using medicatedsoap, since it will kill the bacteria and help you dispose of the bad odor. After youhave been physically active, don`t forget to give your feet a good wash, butdon`t have them scaly, flaky or cracked. It is very important to keep you feetdry most of the time if you have sweaty feet. First way you can do it is byapplying some talcum powder to your feet. It will clog the skin pores on your feetand also prevent sweating for a while.

The other way is to add 5 to 6tablespoons of salt to a half full tub of water and mix thoroughly until youmake a solution. Soak your feet in it for about 10 minutes and then wash themwith the plain water. After that you can apply some oil-free moisturizer. Forthe best results, do this procedure once a day. You need to allow your feet tobreathe, meaning that you have to wear cotton socks instead of acrylic ones, and wear sandalsinstead of closed foot wear. Make sure that the shoes you are going to wear aredry and clean.

There are certain foods that contain pigments that circulatethrough your blood stream and than finally end up in sweat. Some such foods areonions, peppers, scallions, and garlic, and you should avoid eating them if youhave troubles with sweaty feet. If you tried all of the above listed techniquesfor curing sweaty feet and you still have the same problem, then you should seea doctor.

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