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A lot of people are afraid to shake hands when meeting new people or they are embarrassed because they don`t want anyone to know about their sweaty palms. This condition is caused by the triggering of certain nerves that are responsible for an excessive sweating. Sweaty palms are also called palmer hyperhidrosis. There are situations when you are proud of yourself because you did great at the presentation at work you just had, but you are afraid there will be people who will want to congratulate you and that will include shaking hands. The condition of sweaty palms can make people have low self-esteem and those people usually choose to stay home over going out with friends. Sweaty palms affect many people across America, but this condition is not very serious and there are various treatments for it.


There are a lot of people who experience sweaty palms in one aspect of their lives and this condition may be caused by stress, anxiety, nervousness and even tiredness. It is perfectly normal that you have sweaty palms when you find yourself in a satiation like fear, stress or anger, but if you experience sweaty palms quite often, then you should find a way to cure it. Variety of treatments could be used for curing sweaty palms. Some of them require surgical methods, while there are also those treatments that require non-surgical methods and they include injections, physical therapies, various creams and medications.

If you opt for the expensive treatment, then you can use botulinum or Botox injections. Both of them are injected into the palms and they decrease the perspiration of sweaty glands that are responsible for an excessive sweating of the palms. Botox can last for about one year, while botulinum should be repeated again after about 6 or more months.Another non-surgical treatment is called iontopheresis, and once you begin with the therapy, you need to proceed with it until you cure sweaty palms completely, but don`t give up if you see that it may take a long period of time to treat the condition properly. This procedure requires dipping your palms in the water through which a slight electric current passes.If you suffer from sweaty palms, you can also use various deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate. However, you can also use help of the cornstarch or powder, but they will help you only for a short period of time.One more way to cure sweaty palms is by using certain medications that contain substances that block the sympathetic nerve, which is the major reason of your sweaty palms. Medications that are usually prescribed are anticholinegris, beta-blockers and sedatives. However, you must be careful when using these medications, as some of them may have serious side effects.If none of the above mentioned non-surgical treatments has helped you, then maybe you should use one of the surgical methods for curing sweaty palms.

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