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Our feet need to breathe since they are covered with skin, just like any other part of our body. However, sometimes, when this perspiration process gets mixed with bacteria, it results in foot odor which can be dealt with through proper hygiene. Yet, there are about 15% of cases when people are suffering from chronic stinky feet, this being a condition triggered by something more serious.

Causes of Food Odor

There are many different reasons behind stinky feet. Basically, if there are sweaty feet, there is a large chance that foot odor will take place as well.

Nevertheless, the very odor is produced by our skin’s natural microbial flora, called Staphylococcus epidermidis. Namely, when this microorganism gets in contact with human sweat, it produces an acid which leads to foot odor. Moreover, researches have shown that people who have strong foot odor, most commonly have the bacteria Bacillus subtilis on their feet.

The next common cause, besides microorganisms, is improper hygiene. Namely, if you keep your feet clean by washing them well with a good antibacterial soap, you are bound to kill most of the troublesome bacteria, along with the odor they produce. Still, you are to dry the feet well after washing, even between the toes. Finally, in order to be completely safe from feet odor, you can apply a scent-free antiperspirant to the soles of your feet before you go to sleep or use a foot powder to prevent excessive sweating in the area.

Other Aspects to Bear in Mind

Since your feet are in your shoes during most of the day, make sure you are wearing good quality footwear, fitting you perfectly. Leather allows your skin best perspiration so you might opt for it. It is best to wear one pair of shoes one day and a different one the other and vice-versa, since the ones you have just worn take time to get completely dry. Also, whenever you can, walk barefoot.

Socks are a crucial part of your footwear. So, these need to be made of natural fabrics which are best sweat absorbers. Thus, go for cotton when you choose your socks. However, when engaging into physical activity, wear synthetic socks since these will keep the moisture away from your feet. As for the socks and other footwear which have already been affected by odor, throw it away.

Finally, when all else fails, it is best to see a foot dermatologist or a podiatrist seeking further assistance.

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