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Having sweaty hands and feet can be really embarrassing sometimes. Imagine you have sweaty hands and you need to handshake with your business client or your boss, or let`s say you have sweaty feet and you are going to some place where you`ll be asked to take off your shoes. Situations like these can really make people feel embarrassed and affect their self-confidence. It is said that over 2% of all people in the world have a problem with sweaty hands and feet. In this article we are going to talk about the causes and the cures of sweaty hands and feet problems.


Many reasons could be responsible for a person to have the problems with sweaty hands and feet. The symptoms of sweaty feet are usually aroused by some causes of sweaty hands. They are both very similar. People who suffer from sweaty feet would usually leave a wet footprint on the floor if walking bare feet, or they would make things a little bit wet if they touch them with sweaty hands. The condition of sweaty hands and feet is known as hyperhidrosis. Two possible types of hyperhidrosis are focal, which is responsible for sweaty hands and feet, and general hyperhidrosis. There is also plantar hyperhidrosis, which makes you have sweaty feet, and palmer hyperhidrosis which makes you have sweaty hands. Sweaty hands and feet or hyperhidrosis affects people of all races and ages. It really has negative influence on people and makes them have low self-esteem, but it can also affect the way they behave. The cause of sweaty hands and feet can sometimes be evoked during pregnancy, which means that pregnant women who suffer from sweaty hands and feet may be having ectopic pregnancy, which leads to possible miscarriage.


People with sweaty hands and feet should try not to feel stressed too much since it can lead to worsening of the condition. So, calmness and no stress are the basic cures for sweaty hands and feet. You can as well try some of the home remedies for curing them. You can use antiperspirants which contain aluminum, or carry a hand towel everywhere with you. Some people have tried herbs like black tea and sage for curing sweaty hands and feet and made a temporary success in curing them. You should also try wearing socks and gloves, but keep changing them every now and then. Excessive sweating of hands and feet can be due to the overweight, so try to lose some weight if overweight to reduce sweating of your hands and feet.

Some of the more effective cures are giving injections and iontophoresis. Giving injections or also known as Botox, stops sweating of the hands and feet for some time. Iontophoresis is a procedure of dipping your hands or feet in the water through which are passed low power electric currents. You could also try taking medications to cure this problem, or you can do it surgically. A surgery which helps in removing the nerves responsible for sweaty hands and feet is called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) surgery.

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