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Problematic, Smelly Feet

Many people suffer from smelly feet,regardless of their hygiene. Namely, even though poor hygiene may andusually does cause this problem, it can strike individuals who reallymake sure their feet are clean all the time. This is because this,unwanted, smell takes place due to the lack of perspiration in yourshoes. Then, the already existing bacteria located on your feet,meeting such conditions, start multiplying fast, leading to the onsetof this smel most often described as cheese smell. Smelly feet canbe quite a problem and make one unwilling to take off his/her shoesin public, for the above mentioned reasons. However, this is hardlythe cure for this problem. Rather than secluding your feet fromseeing the light of the day ever again, you might try some of thefollowing solutions and get rid of the awkward smell in your feetarea.

Steps towards Getting Rid of SmellyFeet

Initially, before trying anything else,you need to make sure your feet are clean and dry all the time. Forthis purpose, you are to wash them every day, using antibacterialsoaps. Of course, if you have been into sports during a specific day,or have engaged yourself physically in a way which demands sweatingand raising your body temperature, you are to wash your feetadditionally. In fact, every time you feel your feet are dirty youcan clean them. Next, once your feet are washed well, you are to drythem completely. Once they are completely dry, you should put a pairof clean, cotton or wool socks and be on your way, knowing that yourfeet are safe from harmful microorganisms. Sometimes, this does nothelp. Then, you are to apply antiperspirants on your feet. The bestpart of the day to do this is over night, before going to sleep.

Next, you need to take good care of thefootwear your wear. Thereby, make sure you have more than a singlepair of shoes, preferably made of leather, which you can rotateduring the week, leaving each one you have already worn enough timeto get completely dry and ventilated. Of course, if you wear sportsneakers, you need to wash them often. If the smell remainspersistent in some of your shoes, perhaps it is time to buy a newpair and get rid of the existing one.

If all these methods fail and youremain troubled by smelly feet, you are highly advised to seekmedical attention and have the microorganisms on your feet examined,having your problem treated well afterwards.

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