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Tinea pedis is more commonly known as Athlete's foot. It is basically an infection with fungus on the skin. This type of fungus loves areas that are tepid and moist like showers, and swimming areas that are inside and locker rooms. So it is always advisable when you are in public places to wear flip flops or thongs as known in America on your feet at all times. Not just to prevent athlete’s foot but to protect you against many other infections and conditions that can easily be spread on the floor. It is also good advice to dry your feet properly after having a shower.

What are the Symptoms of Athlete's Foot

The symptoms are not very nice and are quite frustrating for the host, they include intense itching in between the toes on the foot and a burning feeling. It can also give a stinging feeling. You will notice a foot that looks cracked and scaly and the skin will be peeling off. There may even be blisters. In some worse situations the fungus can extend to under the nails which is known as onchomycosis, if this happens you will notice the nail getting thicker and thicker and also getting rather brittle. The nail will also change color and generally look unhealthy.

What are the Home Remedies for treating Athlete's Foot

It is always important to see your doctor for any condition you may be suffering with. Especially if you see swelling, pus or you have a fever because the symptoms of athlete’s foot can also match with the symptoms for much more serious conditions. That being said, home remedies are very popular to use once the doctor has given you the OK. The most common home natural remedy is tea tree oil because it is an antiseptic which ultimately means it can execute fungus and bacteria. You can buy it in your local pharmacy but as said before it’s wise to have a consultation with your doctor first. There is also a herb called Solanum chrysotrichum but for short it’s known as sosa. This herb is used mainly in Mexico, whereas the tea tree oil is primarily used in Australia but both can be found just about anywhere.

How to prevent an athlete’s foot infection

As said in the beginning of this article, it is a must to keep your feet dry, not just after showering but also throughout the day, so wear cotton socks and you can try talc powder in your shoes or wear shoes that are breathable.

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