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Numbness in Feet

This article is going to focus on the problems of numbnessin the feet. It is not unusual to have numbness in your feet if you are sitting inone position for a long period of time. This sensation of numbness also called ‘pinsand needles’ is caused by reduced blood circulation to the foot. It eventuallyfades away when the circulation gets back to normal. It usually isn`t dangerous, but it may be annoying for some people.


There are many causes of numbness in feet; for instance,pregnancy is one of the causes since the weight of the baby is making apressure on the spinal cord. When the sciatic nerve is pressured, a woman mayfeel numbness in feet and pain in her lower back.People who suffer from diabetes can be prone to have numbnessin feet. Diabetes neuropathy are a group of nerve disorders that aremanifested by diabetes.Paresthesia does not only cause numbness in feet, but pricklingand tingling sensation as well. Besides feet, paresthesia also affects fingersand hands. This condition is similar to tarsal tunnel syndrome but its symptomscould be brain tumor, stroke or multiple sclerosis.It is very important to have comfortable shoes because ifthe feet are compressed in shoes, it could lead to numbness in feet. You willlose the sensation in toes for some time, and when the blood circulationnormalizes you won`t have tingling toes any more. You should also avoidrunning on hard surfaces such as concrete, since it can cause stress to yourankles which eventually leads to numbness and nerve stress.Another cause of numbness in feet is sciatica, which isaffected by damaging of the sciatic nerve. It can cause tingling sensationalong the back, over hips and in feet as well.Injuries or any kind of trauma of the nerve of the back orthe foot can cause numbness in feet, but the loss of sensation in your foot canalso be due to the slipped disc.Insufficient amount of vitamin B12 can lead to numbness inyour feet as well.


There are various ways of treatment for numbness in feet. Ifyou experience the numbness in feet, you should visit your doctor who will make theappropriate diagnosis according to the level of your condition. Numbness infeet can be due to the chemotherapy or radiation after the treatments forcancer, so the doctor would prescribe the appropriate medications. If you arehaving numbness in your feet because you wear improper shoes, then you shouldjust change them for the more correct ones. In case of vitamin B12 deficiency,you should increase the intake of the same.

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