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Excessive sweating is a relatively common problem. It may occur in different forms and sweaty palms and feet are only two of them. People suffering from sweaty palms and feet are very bothered by this condition. The problem reflects on their performance and interpersonal relationship. They may feel embarrassed especially when shaking hands with other people or if they need to take off their shoes. Perspiration may be so intensive and cause additional problems such as anxiety and depression.

The very condition which leads to excessive sweating is medically known as hyperhidrosis. What part of the body is going to be affected varies from patient to patient. Some people suffer from increased facial sweating, others have problem with excessive axillary sweating and some have problems with sweaty palms and feet.

What Causes Sweaty Palms and Feet?

Hyperhidrosis and all of its forms including sweaty palms and feet develops as a consequence of overactive sympathetic nervous system. This system is in charge with regulation of body's sweat glands. In case of sweaty palms and feet glands located on the particular areas are affected and they produce excessive amounts of sweat.

The problem is either genetic or psychological. Sweaty palms and feet may also affect people who are under influence of different environmental, physical, emotional or psychological factors.

How to Deal with Sweaty Palms and Feet?

Fortunately, people suffering from sweaty palms and feet may relax since there are several solutions to their problem.

Conservative treatment includes application of hand and foot anti-perspirants and deodorants. These products contain talcum and alum powder, two substances that are highly effective in control of perspiration. Patients are also advised to try to manage stress and avoid any activities or situations that lead to increased sweating of the palms and feet. Another solution for people suffering from this problem is iontophoresis. If none of the mentioned provides with desirable effects a person may undergo Botox injections. Botox blocks transmission of the signals through the nerves which innervate sweat glands and this way reduces or entirely eliminates sweating.

Apart from conservative treatments, sweaty palms and feet can be also treated surgically. The problem is successfully brought under control with the surgical procedure called thoracoscopic sympathectomy.

Prior choosing the best option patients are advised to consult a well experienced doctor. It is best if one starts with less invasive treatments and only if they fail patients may opt for more invasive treatment modalities including surgery. Even if a patient finally opts for surgery he/ she must be fully informed about all the benefits as well as potential complications of the surgery.

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