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People Sweat, People Smell

It is a wide known fact that we all sweat, especially males do. Most of us have experienced the situation when we are forced to be pressed against each other in a means of public transportation on a sunny, hot day. Those who have, know how unpleasant it is when numerous different odors from various different people get mixed and strike one's nostrils. While sweating from heat or physical activity is normal, extremely unpleasant smell is not. It may be caused by numerous different factors, some being more serious than the others. The worst thing is that people who do possess this terrible body odor may not be aware of it, thus making lives harder to those around them while not realizing that they need help.

Reasons Behind Body Odor

Although sweat does trigger the smell, it does not cause it. Namely, we sweat because our body tries to adjust and balance our body's temperature. The only thing it does in the process is expel water through our skin. However, the bacteria located on our skin use this water and break it into aromatic fatty acids which have that specific unpleasant smell. Thus, it takes no further speculation in order to be aware that this condition is treatable either by reducing the sweating or by removing the above mentioned bacteria. However, the cases with which this does not work are those when body odor is caused by an illness or certain types of medication. Here, the illness must be taken care of, or the medications need to be changed.

Getting Rid of Body Odor

Hygiene is crucial. That being said, you need to make sure you are clean all of the time. Use soap while taking shower since these destroy bacteria and clean the skin along with its sweat. Also, while washing, concentrate on washing your armpits, the area between your legs and your feet since most of our sweat glands are located in those areas. Since, we all have different concentrations of sweat we produce, those who sweat more may need to have more than a shower a day. Logically enough, deodorants and body sprays are a must unless you want to spread your smell around those you spend time with. Find a deodorant which works for you and stick to it, creating a habit of applying it. Additionally, shaving the hair inside your armpits may reduce the smell and the sweat production so you might take that into consideration. Also, wearing clean clothes every day goes without saying.

If all of the above measures fail, one may choose some other. You may visit a chemist and ask for a lotion special for your purposes. After examining you the chemist will prepare an adequate lotion which you can use.

Finally, if your sweating simply cannot cease, you might have to choose between Botox injections into your sweat glands or a few surgical procedures involving either removal of armpit skin areas or applying electroshocks to the nerves.

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