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Urine Odor Phenomenon

Some people, at some points of their lives may experience their urine smelling extremely uncomfortable. This can take place due to various different reasons, each more or less connected with some things related to the lifestyle of the person. One of the most common, and most serious things which cause smelly urine is a urinary tract infection. Namely, one's urinary tract gets affected by bacteria and becomes infected resulting in the foul smell. Puss may be present in the urine as well. The Urethra may be inflamed also, leading to clear or cloudy urine during the urination process. There are several other causes of this, some more serious than the others.

Causes of Smelly Urine

Apart from the ones mentioned above, a person can suffer from strange smelling urine if he/she is suffering from dehydration. This happens due to the lack of water in your system and your urine becomes too concentrated. Also, your urine may smell because of what you had eaten. So, if you are experiencing this problem, maybe you should reorganize your diet and find out what causes the awkward smell, so that you can remove it. Moreover, some medications you are taking may have smelly urine as a side-effect. Thus, be aware of these as well.

If you happen to suffer from blurred vision, nausea, increased thirst and fatigue, while, at the same time experiencing a sweet smell to your urine, you might have diabetes mellitus. This type of diabetes manifests through too much glucose in your urine giving out a specific smell.

Finally, there are liver failure and metabolic problems leading to strange odor in your urine. If the liver is failing, the sufferer is bound to experience signs on his/her eyes and skin and breath.

How Can This Be treated?

Since, now, you know the causes of having strange smelling urine, you may want to look into a diet change. Drinking sufficient amounts of water might do the trick as well. Alternatively, cranberry juice and cranberries themselves are excellent for urine purification and removal of the unpleasant smell. Honey, cumin seeds, ginger, onions and baking soda may each prove to be of assistance. Still, personal hygiene is crucial, so do not forget to rule that out first.

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