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The Troublesome Underarm Sweating

Many of us are constantly troubled byexcessive sweating in our armpit area. This phenomenon usually startssomewhere in our teenage years and continues to pester us throughout our lives. It can be caused by many different factorsand we should look into these as well, before taking other steps to solve this problem. Moreover, we need to know that sweating is anormal process necessary in order for our body temperatureto be regulated. This being said, we need to find the reason behind excessive sweating and treat it in order to reducethe sweating to a normal level.

Causes and Treatment of ExcessiveArmpit Sweating

Some of the greatest and most commoncauses of excessive sweating are related to our lifestyles andcertain factors we expose ourselves to. For example, during thesummer our body feels hot and needs to regulate its temperature byexpelling sweat through the tiny pores on our skin. Since, under ourarmpits, we have many sweat glands, this is the area which is alwayssweating more than some other parts of our body. Thus, avoid strongsun and heat in order to sweat less.

Personal negligence is next, sincethere are cases where people sweat due to their poor body hygiene.So, you should shower every day and keep your body clean by usingantibacterial soaps and other cosmetic products for these purposes.For proper perspiration, you should wear cotton clothes which allowyour skin to breathe.

Antiperspirants should be used forstopping the sweat from getting out of your armpits while deodorantsshould be used for covering the unpleasant smell related to theprocess of sweating. Due to the fact that bacteria like your underarm,because these are damp and dark places, you may use talcum powder tokill these microorganisms. Finally, you are to take care of yourunderarm hair and shorten it regularly or remove it completely.Having long hair in this area will make your armpits smell worse andproduce more sweat.

Some people have tried rubbing lemononto their armpits for stopping the odor and the sweating altogether.This is considered to be a very effective, natural cure. Yet, it mayor may not work with you. Nevertheless, do not give up, since thereare more where that came from. You can use baking soda for sweatingprevention too.

Finally, if everything else fails, you may optfor Botox injections or surgery where your sweat glands will bebypassed or removed. Both of these procedures are costly, but offerpermanent or long-term results.

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