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Why Do We Buy Shoes?
Perhaps this is the most crucial question. Many of us would stop and think after being asked something like this since nowadays footwear, as well as clothes in general, have become more a matter of aesthetics than pleasure and enjoyment. Namely, more people than we would like to admit are ready to sacrifice comfort for beauty and overall outside effect. We obviously care more for others than for ourselves, since we risk damaging our toes, feet, joints and tendons only to be given compliments about our highly uncomfortable shoes. Unfortunately, the boasting will not last forever and, sooner than one expects, he or she would not be able to wear shoes at all, let alone walk in them. Thus, re-examine your priorities and reconsider the reasons behind shoe purchase since the happy and satisfied side should be you and your health, not everybody else. That being said, concentrate on buying shoes that fit you and make you feel comfortable while able to walk with ease.
What Should One Seek in a Shoe?
First of all, size does matter in this case. It is better to buy a shoe your size than to buy one size smaller and expect it to stretch and adjust to your foot, since that will never completely happen. Since after walking our feet do get a bit swollen during the day, it is better to buy shoes in the afternoon since then your feet take their most usual shape and allow you to fully experience and test the footwear you are planning on buying.

Seek shoes for shoes with flexible and durable soles. While walking, we resist the incredible force of gravity and put all the stress of the process upon our very feet, protected by the soles of our shoes. The better the shoes, the more they absorb while keeping your feet healthy. Further on, inside of the shoe needs to be soft and sufficiently cushioned while, regarding the size, we should bear in mind that not both of our feet are the same, concentrating on the stronger foot while deciding.
Final Pieces of Advice
Feel free to sacrifice heels for comfort and not vice-versa. You will eventually be thanking yourself for making such a decision. Also, leather is the best shoe material thus highly recommended. Pay attention to the lining and make sure that the sole spreads all the way from your heel down to the tip of your toes while also making sure you are able to move those while wearing the shoe. Finally, pay attention to the way you are walking, since, no footwear can help you if you do not help yourself.

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