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Body odor is a very unpleasant smell that the some people emanate from their body. It can be embarrassing for the person who emanates it and it is most unwelcome by others in their environment. People usually try to conceal the body odor with cosmetic products like deodorants and perfumes. The problem is that sometimes they do not work and create an unpleasant mixture of smells, and also they contain toxins and heavy metals like aluminum that are not good for general health.

Body odor is related to sweat, which is a product of sweat glands. Our body has only one means for cooling itself at high temperatures and that is by sweating. The body expels unwanted substances through it, and that, in combination with the bacteria that live on the skin, causes body odor.

There are many factors that lead to body odor. Anxiety and menopause in women are among them, as are certain dietary habits. People who are not able to move sufficiently and expel the excess substances in that way tend to sweat more and create more body odor.

Many home remedies are proven to be effective against body odor. Baking soda, white vinegar or alcohol can be applied directly to the areas that sweat the most in order to prevent foul smell.

Of course, regular hygiene, especially washing the armpits, feet and genitals, is the best way of prevention. Taking a bath with a few drops of rosewater can also help.

Baby powder can be used to absorb the sweat and neutralize the odor.

Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is a good natural deodorant as it regulates the PH balance and prevents the smell. Baking soda is particularly effective, especially if mixed with some lemon juice. Alcohol rubbed directly in the armpits will neutralize the bacteria and thus prevent the smell, but it may cause burning and irritation.

Tea tree oil can be added to some water to make an excellent natural deodorant.

Fresh turnip juice can be efficient against body odor if applied over the course of ten hours.

A blend of tomato juice and sage leaves is another remedy that is supposed to be applied ten minutes before taking a shower. Also, a cup of sage infusion a day is a way to prevent body odor orally.

Another handy natural deodorant is made from two dozen ground radishes mixed with some glycerin and then put in a spray bottle.

People who have problems with body odor should avoid synthetic fabrics because they promote sweating. Instead, cotton and other natural fabrics are always a better choice.

Drinking plenty of fluids will increase urination so the unwanted substances will leave the body that way instead of through sweat.

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