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If your child is suffering from aclearly noticeable, unpleasant body odor, you are advised to react assoon as possible and provide him/her an adequate medical assistance.Namely, out of many different things which can be expressed throughbody smell, there is one which may be classified as a more seriousone. This thing would be a metabolic disorder, where the child'sorganism is incapable to break some chemicals he/she receives, due tothe lack of specific enzymes. As an effect, the child beginssuffering from strange body odors. Therefore, before paying yourdoctor a visit, make sure your child has not taken a bath, since thesmell needs to be present with the child, in order for the doctor toestablish a proper diagnosis. Additionally, you might ask the doctorif metabolic disorders could be the case, only to remind him/her toinclude specific tests into the examination. Once there is adiagnosis, and the problem is metabolic, the child is likely to besent to a specialist, where further examination and adequatetreatment will be prescribed.

How to Diagnose the Problem Yourself

Before visiting a doctor, there areseveral methods you can use in order to make sure your child's bodyodor is not caused by something else, to rule out the metabolicfactor, that is. First of all, you might try changing the type ofmilk your child is drinking, if he/she prefers cow's, since this typeof milk is likely to cause body odor. Thus, swap this type of milkwith an organic one. Also, you might exchange it with soy milk orrice and almond milk. If the odor disappears after this change, makeit permanent.

Secondly, premature puberty is known tocause body odor. Yet, if your child is younger than five years,you have no grounds for these claims. Still, for older children, youmight take this factor into consideration too.

Additionally, parasites may be behindthe strange and unpleasant body smell of your child. Subsequently,you might want to rule these out as well, by getting a properdiagnosis from the doctor. Luckily, most parasites are capable ofbeing successfully treated at home. Thus, once your child gets thediagnosis, the rest will be more or less easy.

How to Treat Unpleasant Odor inChildren

The first thing you might do, ifparasites are behind the problem, is to use a small amount of MSMpowder, for your child to drink, mixed with water, in order to getrid of parasites and germs which may be causing the odor. Eliminatingcertain types of food like eggs, meat, dairy products, corn andothers may lead to the solution too.

Excessive sweating and toxicity may beadditional causes of this problem. Thus, make sure you do not allowyour children to use deodorants for adults. Rather, you might usebaking soda, diluted apple vinegar, or baby wipes all natural thingsfor keeping your child's skin clean and healthy.

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