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A Bad Sign

If one's urine smells bad, it is usually not good news. Namely, a foul smelling urine is often connected with the urinary tract infection. Therefore, if the smell of one's urine remains foul during a longer period of time, he or she is highly advised to seek medical attention. Our urine is closely connected with our kidney activity. Thus, any improper traits of it can lead to a bad state of other organs caused by malnutrition or some other things. All in all, it should not be ignored, but rather, taken quite seriously.

Causes and Manifestations

As mentioned above, the main indicator of an urinary tract infection is the odor your urine emits. Namely, we can get infected with numerous bacteria mostly through sexual intercourse with numerous different partners. Bacteria start breeding in our urinary tract and our bladder, causing tissue damage in the process. This has the specifically unpleasant urine smell as an indicator. Some other diseases and infections of the urinal tract may also have this as their side-effect. Additionally, women, during pregnancy or menopause, may experience their urine to be foul smelling. Males, on the other hand, should take prostate inflammation into consideration, once they too have sensed this unpleasant trait of their urine.

Along with the smell, the urine may have blood in it. The smelly urine often comes hand-in-hand with short urinating sessions, expelling smaller amounts of it than regularly. Burning and abdominal pain may also take place. In cases of nausea and vomiting along with foul smelling urination process, there is a high likelihood of a undergoing kidney infection. Dehydration, breathing difficulties and fevers add on to the list of possible symptoms accompanying foul smelling urine.

Possible Treatment

First of all, once one starts noticing the foul smell, he or she is best to seek medical attention. After examining the samples of the troublesome urine, the doctor will find out the type of bacteria in it and thus prescribe an adequate therapy. One should drink a lot of water in order to clean his or her kidneys and expel all the bacteria from them. Approximately 12 glasses a day are considered the optimal quantity. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics as well. Drinking cranberry juice or yogurt with honey may all cause the foul urine smell to disappear. Naturally, proper hygiene is a must.

Women, having their urinary passages shorter than men, are more prone to urinary tract infections. Therefore, they should pay more attention to the symptoms and react immediately upon notice. Any given infection, if left untreated, can cause irreparable damage. Therefore, both men and women should not ignore this state of affairs and should seek medical attention the moment their urine starts to look strange and smell unusually.

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